VLIR-OUS Scholarship in Belgium

This scholarship provided by the Government of Belgium. Any person in 10 Asian countries including Bangladesh can apply for this scholarship. The applicant must be a citizen of Bangladesh’s permanent position at the time of application to Bangladesh. An applicant with ILTES 6.0 score or TOFEL 550(paper) or 79 (IBT) score can be applied. GMAT or GRE is not required to agree.

Professional training program: Work experience in the respective field is necessary. Masters program in one or two years duration. Masters program does not required job experience. Though job experience can get the priority to get a scholarship. One year term multidisciplinary courses in the Masters program. If the motivational letter or statement of purpose notification can prove you are working on or interested in this subject, any one can apply. The age limit to apply for professional training is 45 years and 40 years for Masters program.

  • ILTES or TOEFL score.
  • Two or three recommendation or reference letters.
  • 3. Transcripts of the Honors or Masters.
  • Honors/Masters and certificates of SSC and HSC.
  • Motivational letter or statement of purpose.
  • A letter from the place of employment for the professional training program. If this training, which will be written on what will be benefit your employer.
Things that you should know:

Motivational Letter or Statement of purpose: It is very important. In your motivational letter or statement of purpose should provide of an idea of exactly what VLIR-OUS wants to see at the beginning. Any one can find lots of sample statement and motivational letters in the web. Any one should check but should not copy. Because VLIR-UOS motivation letter or statement of the purpose your initial application must be filled in online. By using plagiarism software they will scan your motivation letter or statement of purpose to see whether you have copied from the web. If they found it copied then they will not waste time to check the other documents. Try to use simple and sensible sentences. Do not try to use heavy words or words that are less used. If your TAUFEL or ILTES score that is very common they will assume you did not write it.

Reference or recommendation letter : Those who worked in the service should try to get at least one recommendation letter. If he was a member of the Professional Association should get a letter from the president or the secretary-general's from. The other one should get from a professor from America or Europe or Japan or Australia or New Zealand, has a degree from. Don’t use Indian graduates with a reference letter. Full address, name, last name, degree (not to mention only a PhD, in brackets next to the name of the country will), e-mail, telephone, etc. should be given of the Reference provider.

VLIR-OUS usually gives specific form for reference or recommendation letter. If not then one should use official pad and envelop if available of the reference provider. You must ask the reference provider if he recommended any other person that year if yes then you should look for other person.

Degree Certificate: Applicant should make English copy of honors and masters certificates. However, it’s best if your university attested the certificates themselves. If one is unable to do so then he should use notary public as it will cost 20 taka per attest. One should not try to attest from government official or use other cheap way.

Transcript: Applicant should manually take the transcript from his university in signed and sealed envelope. Other documents and transcript should be sent in the same envelope .No need to send School and college transcript or score sheet, but applicant need to send attested certificates from school and college.

IELTS or TOEFL: Applicant should ask the authority to send ILTES or TOEFL certificates directly. If he cannot then should Notary it. How the authority wants it is written in the direction of apply.

Amount of scholarship: From Dhaka to Belgium transportation cost, health insurance and tuition fees will be paid by Belgium government. The amount of the scholarship is different in training program and masters program. One would receive around 1200 Euros per month. Dormitory rent (240-320 Euro) would have to pay from this. Married persons will receive an additional allowance per month during Masters Program. For book purchase and other reason 800-1200 Euros will be given.

Some suggestions: The application process begins each year in September, down from 1 February. Do not wait until the last date to apply. February 1 of each year in all types of documents, including the application must reach to the respected Authority. If two students have same qualifications then girls will get priority. In case of two boys or two girls of the same qualification, the first priority has to apply.

The application form has a room where they ask for the information about how much money you can get from other source while doing this course. Please fill it NIL. Don’t mention of any local or foreign scholarship you got before at your CV or application. Priority is given to those who did not receive a scholarship before.

VLIR-UOS selection process is not in the hands of the bureaucracy. So anyone can apply for the scholarship to get it.

Note: This is only for genuine students who are really interested to study abroad. Applicants are strongly requested to visit our office directly or contact directly over the phone.

Hot-Line: +88 01911 87 82 74

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