Lithuania situated in Northern Europe and it is a Baltic country in the western part it has a Baltic Sea coastline.This country has border with Latvia on the north, Belarus on the east and south, and Poland and the Kaliningrad region of Russia on the southwest and Baltic sea in the east.

Lithuanian language is the official language of Lithuania. Lithuanian language is an Indo-European language, and closely resembles with ancient Sanskrit. Vilnius is the largest city of Lithuania.Manufacturing plays a vital role in the economy of Lithuania, Wholesale and retail trade; repair of goods,Real estate, renting and business activities,Transport, storage and communication also a important economical sector in Lithuania. peat, arable land, amber are the main natural resources of Lithuania.

As a member of European Union, Lithuania has a good relationship and foreign trade with European Union. The economy of Lithuania is one of the most largest economy in the world. Germany, Latvia, Russia, Estonia, Poland, Netherlands, Belarus and UK are major trading partner of Lithuania. Lithuania exports mineral products, machinery and equipment, chemicals, textiles, foodstuffs, plastics most.

Transport system in Lithuania is very well. it is easy to move in buses in Lithuania. Railway service is also good, bicycle is quite popular in Lithuania. Taxi service is available and you can booked easily. Lithuanian culture is mixed culture and influenced by Nordic, Germanic and Slavic cultures. Lithuania has a long history of popular and classical musical development and folk.

Lithuanian people are highly educated. there are many public universities in Lithuania. Vilnius University, one of the most famous and oldest establishments of higher education in Eastern and Central Europe, which was founded in 1579 situated in Lithuania.

In Lithuania, the following degrees can be awarded:

Cycle 1: Professional Bachelor.
Cycle 2: Master.
Cycle 3: Doctor of Sciences or doctor of Arts.

Lithuania tuition fees differ from institution to institution, it depends on the level of studies and study programme chosen by the student. tuition fees are average. different tuition fees may apply for students from different country.

You can select Lithuania for study for
  • Good environment.
  • Average tuition fees.
  • Average living cost.
  • Better opportunities for higher studies.
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