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Reasons to study abroad in Hungary   

Hungary is the most common location for exchange and Erasmus students. Many international students come every year from all over the world to go and study in Hungary. They spend a semester or two in Hungary universities. The experience they get here in Hungary is one of its own. It doesn’t matter whether you are coming from an EU country or not. As long as you want to study in Hungary, you have a chance.

There are several reasons why many students would choose to study in Hungary than in any other country in Europe. Life is cheap here in Hungary. In Budapest city, life is inexpensive. The student life is the best, and students get a chance to experience from each other. Studying here is one of the greatest things that you would want to experience. 

Here are the reasons why you should study in Hungary

Plenty of universities

Budapest is a home to many quality universities. There are plenty of universities to choose from depending on the course that you want to study. You are more likely to get a university or college which specializes in your course of study.

Qualifications to join these universities are recognized by many European Union countries and also many other countries who are not members of EU.

Courses offered are of high quality, and they are internationally recognized. They include engineering, medicine, pharmaceuticals, veterinary and so many other courses.

The most famous universities here in Hungary are Eotvos Lorand University, Budapest University of technology and economics, Central European University and so many other universities in the country.

A range of study options

Most universities in Hungary teach using English though they sometimes offer languages like Germany for foreigners.

Those students already studying in Europe have a chance to study at a university in Budapest through the ERASMUS program. Those students who are coming from non-EU countries should first consult their home university if they are in a bilateral institutional agreement or a university network partnership if they want to benefit from the exchange program at a university in Hungary.

Apart from the Erasmus exchange programs in Hungary, there are more options to choose from including the CEEPUS (Central European Exchange Program University Studies), CEMS (the Global Alliance in Management Education) for the leading business schools in the world and so many other options.

You can study more than one course as part of a non-degree program. One may be privileged to learn the Hungarian language in about two weeks or even take Hungarian studies which take about one year.

Students also need to check the availability of scholarships in Hungary universities which will help them with tuition fee, textbooks or even living and accommodation. Universities like CEU offer scholarships to a certain number of international students while other institutions award scholarships for academic excellence or other reasons. Anyone is eligible to apply for these scholarships, and therefore you can try your luck.

Low cost of living

Hungary’s cost of living is relatively low and therefore, affordable to most students who study there. This makes many students want to go and explore in Hungary. Students enjoy their studies in Hungary as life here is very cheap. Food and rental fees are affordable. Beer is also cheap! So, students can study and live to their fullest.

Great student life

Hungary student life is among the best in the world. During the day, you will find many students studying and doing research in the library, in the cafes and eateries taking meals or having one or two bottles of beer in the afternoon. At night, Budapest city comes to life. There is a huge selection of places where students can go to including ruin pubs, bars, live music venues, and clubs.

You will find many people in the city during the day and night, and therefore, it is almost impossible to stay or feel lonely. You can make great friends in the university or the popular inns.

During warm days, you will find many students gathering for picnics or just sun-busking at a city park or in a beautiful Margaret Island.

There are also a lot of cultural festivals and events in Hungary where you will find many young people having fun together and exchanging their cultures.

Plenty of support network

You get help anytime when you need it when you are in Hungary. You are most likely to find students from your city and also many other in different towns. All universities in Hungary have student unions or student life office with orientation sessions which are mainly inclined to helping students who may be having problems.

You will find many sites in Facebook like ‘’ We Love Budapest’’ which help students with tips about life in Hungary. You can post any question on it, and you will quickly find a lot of responses from other international students and those who are already living in the country.

Easy to find accommodation

Accommodation facilities in Hungary are well priced, and therefore you won’t be forced to travel far from your university to find a cheap house. You will also find student accommodation like dormitories or hostels where you can live with your fellow students.

There are various universities which have email addresses that assist students to find friends or other students to help them find accommodation or get flatmates.

Explore the region 

There is plenty to explore in Hungary. There are many festivals where you can attend or make trips during summer to lakes in the area like Lake Balaton. You can visit the neighboring countries like Austria, Slovakia, Poland, and Serbia through the well-connected rail network in the country.

Lifetime experience

Here in Hungary, you will find incredible people, work hard and party hard. You will try new things, discover new things, fall in love or even get heartbroken. But for sure, studying in Hungary is a lifetime experience that you will never forget.

Student visa application

International students who wish to study in Hungary for more than three months and are from non-EU countries should apply for Hungary student visa.

The process is easy. After getting invitation letter from Hungary University, you book an appointment for visa interview in Hungarian Embassy in your country. After that, you just wait for the approval of visa which takes about one month.

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