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Why study in Liechtenstein?

Liechtenstein is a small country located at the heart of Europe. It is a country with a lot of quirks and eccentrics. Its location at the Alps makes it very adventurous. Adventure is every student dream! You will be amazed by the captivating sight of alpine when you study in Liechtenstein universities. You will explore the countries beautiful places and enjoy favorite sports like ice skating and skiing or snowboarding.

An event in Liechtenstein which you don’t want to miss if you go to study in Liechtenstein is the yearly garden party hosted by the ruling prince Hans Adams the second. The party is attended by all people in Liechtenstein, and it is held in the garden of the prince’s castle. This is another feature that makes Liechtenstein a unique country. Its vibrant culture is so much entertaining to the international students who come to study in the country.

Though Liechtenstein is a small country, the people are living in high standards. This is due to the country’s large GDP. Getting a job in Liechtenstein is not a big problem, and also the tuition fee for students is significantly reduced. This is the most exceptional combination which is ideal for the student who would want to study and get a job in Liechtenstein.

When you are in Liechtenstein also, you have all the freedom to travel to bordering countries such as Switzerland. This expands your exploration horizons.

Liechtenstein has a developed economy having that it has more registered company more than its population even. It has big export industries despite its size and this shows the economic power of Liechtenstein.

A country like this with a highly developed economy, great cultural and historical appeal, highly performing financial institutions and many organizations is ideal for many international students. Liechtenstein is known for its desire for modernization, advancement, security, stability, and growth.

Choosing to study abroad in Liechtenstein is the wisest decision that any student can make. It will pay off the student during the study period in Liechtenstein and after graduation.

There are four higher education institutions in the country namely University of Liechtenstein, international university of philosophy, Liechtenstein Institute and the private university in the principality of Liechtenstein.

Among many other reasons which are discussed people, a combination of excellent courses and high standards of living are among the main reasons why many international students are choosing to study in Liechtenstein.

Here are the reasons 

Study and living expenses in Liechtenstein

Tuition fees

Tuition fees in Liechtenstein vary depending on the course and the institution. But generally, tuition fees in this country is not expensive compared to many other countries like UK and USA.


There are optional housing facilities for international students who choose to come and study in Liechtenstein.

One of the housing options is the hall of residence which is the most popular for international students as it is provided by the institution you are going to choose. Hall of residence is advantageous as it will allow you to mingle with your fellow students and support each other.

Private accommodation is the other housing option for international students. This houses can be found by using estate agents or getting help from the local students who are very friendly. The prices of private accommodation vary depending on the size of the house, location and the type of facility.

Cost of living 

Here, the cost of living is not very high because of the developed economy. The cost of living of international students would depend on the student. But one thing that you need to know is that people in Liechtenstein live at good standards.


Liechtenstein has well developed public transport network.it has the best roads which are well maintained. Cycling routes are well maintained having in mind that many people in Liechtenstein love to cycle.

Advanced railway network connects Liechtenstein towns to bordering countries like Austria and Switzerland.so, one can travel around the cities in Liechtenstein very comfortably by bus or by train. Students who like going on a trip can also travel to counties like Switzerland by train.

The best thing with Liechtenstein transport is that students with the age of 25 and below are charged lowly as their fares are discounted.

Transportation by bus in Liechtenstein is inexpensive and very easy to travel around the country. There are several small and double-decker buses. You can also rent a car which you can use to move around the country.


Liechtenstein is one of the peaceful countries in the world. It has minimal criminal activities and a small police force. Most common crimes that you are likely to experience in Liechtenstein is drinking and drinking. Weather can be of great concern but it is not very, but the environment is adaptable.

International students are generally advised to take care of their personal property and also take care of themselves from becoming victims of criminal activities. They usually are advised to avoid carrying large amounts of money in their pockets, avoid staying in groups at night and also to be careful with traffic. But generally, Liechtenstein is a safe country for international students.

Staying connected

Students studying in Liechtenstein are much connected to the world. They don’t have to spend a lot of money to make phone calls to their parents and relatives at home. There are various alternative ways of communication in Liechtenstein which are cheap and best for international students. One of these means is the skype which allows face to face communication anywhere as long as you are connected to the internet.

Immigration and visas

Liechtenstein is a non-EU country, but it does not give restrictions to members of the EU. Students coming from the EU member states can study in Liechtenstein without the need to have a student visa. What they only need to have is a short-term residence permit.

If you are coming from non-EU member states, you have to apply for Liechtenstein student visa which anyone can qualify as long as you meet the set requirements which are not very complicated.


Scholarships are available for international students who would want to go and study in Liechtenstein. The award can cover part, or all of your study expenses in Liechtenstein .scholarships are available for all levels of education ranging from degree, masters, and Ph.D. You need to check for the open scholarship options and apply for it. You may be the lucky one to study in prestigious universities of Liechtenstein.

To pursue higher studies in Liechtenstein, you generally need:

  1. Application form for the chosen university/program.
  2. Certified copies of your high school diploma and transcripts.
  3. Proof of language proficiency (usually German).
  4. CV/resume outlining your background and achievements.
  5. Letter of motivation explaining your goals and program alignment.
  6. Letters of recommendation.
  7. Portfolio for arts/design programs (if applicable).
  8. Proof of financial means.
  9. Health insurance coverage proof.
  10. Copy of your passport.
  11. Visa application documents if necessary.

Always specific university requirements and contact their admission office for accurate information.

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