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Why study in Luxembourg?

Luxembourg is a small country, but it is one of the stable and wealthiest countries in the world. Luxembourg universities and other institutions have unique features which are only specific to Luxembourg. This feature has made Luxembourg be one of the countries that are receiving international students who want to study in its universities. Courses in Luxembourg universities are mainly taught in French, but you will find other classes being taught in the English language, but you will also find programs being taught in English, German, and Luxembourgish. It has many levels of education including undergraduate bachelors, graduate masters, and doctoral programs or Ph.D.

Luxembourg has many universities, but the main university is the University of Luxembourg which was founded in the year 2003. The university has three faculties which are the science faculty, technology and communication, law, economics and finance, and the arts faculty, humanities and education studies. All of these faculties provide all levels of education that is degree, masters, and Ph.D.

With this, you can see that though the country’s mall size and population it has well-established institutions. Its small size does not mean fewer opportunities in education. These universities are steeped in history and culture. The country’s people are very welcoming, and the student community is cohesively attached to each other resulting in greater cooperation which means greater success.

Luxembourg universities also have a very supportive environment. The universities being international, you will find staff and students from all over the world. Most lessons being taught in French gives you a chance to learn the French language. This is interesting as you will have an optional expression instead of using only English.

Tuition fees in the Luxembourg universities vary depending on the course you are taking and the level of education that you are in.  This fees also change according to the academic year and therefore students be updated with the institution fee requirement.

Students who would want to study in Luxembourg after finishing their studies will find great job opportunities after graduating from school. International companies usually recruit students from Luxembourg universities after graduating from campus. Its close location to the government of the European Union gives them a greater opportunity to secure high paying jobs. Banking and finance are one of the top institutions is also a major employer for students graduating from Luxembourg universities.

International students usually get accommodation in the university hostels. This makes the cost of living to be reduced as the students are not forced to pay for expensive housing outside the school.

Here are particular reasons why you should study in Luxembourg:

You will get an opportunity to see the world

The main reason why you should go and study in Luxembourg is that you will get a chance to see and explore Luxembourg. It is a small but lovely country. You will see many things that you never imagined as well as immersing yourself in the culture of the Luxembourg people.

Due to its location, students can also travel easily because Luxembourg is bordered by Belgium, Germany, France, and other European nations. This will be an excellent adventure for students who like explore.

Embrace and experience a new culture

When you decide to study in Luxembourg, you will get to know the traditions and culture of Luxembourg. Its culture is exciting and fascinating. Though you can experience culture shock that should prevent you from exploring more.

You will get to know and embrace Luxembourg’s customs, food, and social lives. This will enrich and expand your horizons.

Traveling to study in Luxembourg also will give you a chance to share your culture. The friendly nature of the people of Luxembourg will enable you to teach them some of your perceptions. They may like yours and sometimes may get amazed or confused when you are explaining to them some of your customs. Studying in Luxembourg is fascinating.

Make friends from all over the world

When you travel to Luxembourg for studies, you will find many students from many nations. This will give you a chance to interact and make friends with them.

Making friends may be a problem on the first few days you join a university in Luxembourg, but you should worry as most of the things will be automatic due to the friendly nature of the people of Luxembourg and other students from other nations who are in Luxembourg.

Universities in Luxembourg also has extra curriculum activities which enable the students to interact and make friends with other students from different nations of the world.

High-quality infrastructure

All parts of Luxembourg has a modern well-equipped conference and training facilities. These infrastructures are hugely demanded by international students. It has advanced and equipped current communication technologies which are adaptable. This makes it possible to organize high-quality conferences, seminars, and other events.


Luxembourg’s political stability and safety of both people and property give it the advantage to be admired by many international students. Luxembourg’s cities are the safest cities in the world.so; you need not worry about security as a student. 

Great job opportunities after graduation

The most important benefit of studying in Luxembourg is that you will add this experience to your CV. This will give you a chance to stand out from a crowd and a bigger advantage as you will be having an international experience from globally recognized Luxembourg’s University.

Availability of scholarships

Luxembourg universities offer scholarships to international students who would want to study in Luxembourg. The scholarship may cover all or part of your cost of the study. So, if you have a desire to go and explore in Luxembourg and you meet all the requirements, you can apply for a scholarship.


Luxembourg is one of the open countries in European nations. It does not require a permit to travel to most countries like United States of America. However, if you are a student and you will be studying for more than 90 days, you will be required to have a Luxembourg student visa.

A student who may want to study in Luxembourg is required to apply at least 30 days earlier before arrival to the Luxembourg diplomatic mission or at Luxembourg consular post.


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