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Why study in Austria?

If you’ve been thinking of where to go and study and then Austria comes to your mind, but you are not sure why you want to go to and study in Austria, then you need not stress yourself anymore as here is fully detailed information on why you should study in Austria.

Austria being centrally located in Europe, it has a rich culture, art, literature and philosophy.it is one of the biggest cities in the world with it being the capital of world organizations like UNESCO World Heritage  Sites. Included in this famous historical sites are the Salzburg historic center, Vienna’s historic center, and so many other historic sites.

Austria also borders eight different countries which makes it a junction of economic and cultural regions. Vienna being the capital city of music in the world, many would like to come and work in the streets of legendary music composers like Beethoven, Schubert, Mozart and big minds like Freud.

Though Austria is known for its musical and architectural history, it is also recognized for what it offers to the students who come from other countries to go and study in Austria. 

Here are some of the reasons why Austria is the best destination for international students.

Education system

Austria has over 39 public, private and teacher training institutions. Studying in Austria provides students to experience foreign education system. All the Austrian universities fall under one body which is the Bologna process within the higher education area which allows free movement and employability within the 47 member states.

International students who come to Austria have a chance to study in specialized universities though also prestigious institutions like the college and teacher education, universities of applied sciences and so many others are there.

All students being local or international study under one curriculum which focuses on professional-oriented education. 

Austria education provides a 3-year program to obtain a degree, i-2 years to obtain a master’s degree, mandatory units for career training and a bachelor degree in conjunction with a teaching qualification.

Some programs offer courses in English, but some may require you to provide a full proof of mastery of the German language.

So, if you want to learn the German language, then Austria universities is the best destination for you.

Living and studying in Austria

Academic years in Austria are divided into two that is summer and winter. Academic Septembers usually begin on 1st October and end in 30th September the following year.

Tuition fee for students studying in Austria is affordable to many students either from local or abroad. The tuition fee is generally subsidized for students who are from EU member nations and Swiss nationals.

Private universities have a slightly higher fee compared to public universities, but they are much lower compared to other universities from countries like USA and UK. This means that it can be afforded by average individuals.

This low tuition fee cost is mainly to promote Germany proficiency.

The cost of accommodation and living for students studying in Austria is not expensive. Students can get extra pocket money to gather for their needs by looking for part time jobs. Accommodation resources can be found at the university hostels or private accommodations outside the school.

Easy admission process

For certain courses, Austrian universities do not require entry exams or even knowledge of the German language. After your application has been accepted to pursue a particular course, one is going to obtain an Austrian student visa with a work permit. The best thing is that you can be allowed to learn German preparation programs before your course begins.

Work while studying

International students are given work permits that allow them to work for 20 hours a week for those taking a bachelor’s degree and 20 hours for those taking a master’s degree.

This is beneficial as you can get extra income to fund your cost of living while studying in Austria.

Employment opportunities after graduation

After finishing your studies and graduating, the student is allowed to stay in Austria for another 6 months. This period enables him/her to look for a job. While you will be studying your take part in research projects in the field that you are specializing in or you can attend career fairs where employers advertise job opportunities in their companies.

Comfortable stay and safety

Austria is one of the countries which enjoys high standards like many big countries in the world like the USA. So, as a student you are ensured of comfort and also Austria does not tolerate crime activities. Therefore, students will have every reason why not to fear to come and studying in Austrian universities.

You can comfortably visit other neighboring countries considering that Austrian is at a convenient location in Europe.

There are many restaurants where you can take Viennese coffee in the morning if you would like, take cozy dinner in luxurious hotels or even take a trip on your free time to places like Paris because your Austrian student visa allows you entry for free into other EU countries.

The uncomplicated visa application process

Austria student visa is required if you are going to study in Austria for more than 90 days. Austria consulate requires the applicant to appear in person during the application process. You need the following during your application.

1. You require an original passport valid for months stay in Europe with at least two blank passport pages.

2. An original Austrian student visa application form which is filled.

3. Two recent identical passport photos with a plain background

4. You need to present an official letter of acceptance from the Host University or institution

5.  Proof of travel arrangements that is proof that you are going to study.

6. You need to have a summary of a criminal record from the FBI

7. Evidence of valid health/accident insurance cover with full international coverage.

8. Evidence of sufficient funds to show that you can afford your cost of living.

9. Certified copy of birth certificate and proof of accommodation in Austria.

Austria student visa processing time may take up to 2 months, and therefore you need to plan yourself earlier to avoid delays in your studies.

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