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Officially Bulgaria is called the Republic of Bulgaria. This country is situated in the eastern part of the Balkan Peninsula. Bulgaria has an international border with Greece, The Republic of Macedonia, Romania, Serbia and Turkey. and The Black sea is situated in the eastern part of Bulgaria. Famous river Danube flows through the country and country's major river.

Bulgarian's mostly speaks in the Bulgarian language as it is their official language. second most language is Turkish. Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria and country's largest city.

Industry plays a vital role in the economy of Bulgaria. wholesale and retail trade,accommodation and food services, transport also an important economic sector of Bulgaria. Their trade partners are Russia, Germany, Italy, Romania, Greece, Turkey, Spain, France.

Buses play a major impact on the transport system of Bulgaria. the railway is available but not as popular as bus service.

The culture of Bulgaria is very old and traditional. Bulgarian culture has Turkish and Greek influence. one of the most traditional parts of Bulgaria is "Bulgarian folk music", but due to influences of Eastern and Western, developed of "Bulgarian folk music" has slowly. Different kind of local food available in Bulgaria within a cheap rate.

The education system in Bulgaria is well established. Universities in Bulgaria is well reputed internationally. educational institutions in Bulgaria offer different programs in English, French and German language. it will take three years for completing Ph.D. degree in Bulgaria. "why students will apply in Bulgaria for higher studies?" the answer of this question is, in Bulgaria, there is the low cost of living, less student tuition fees, as well as less accommodation, food and public transport. food cost is very low even lower than the UK!.

Bulgaria is one of the most popular tourist destination. many historical places and natural beauty help Bulgaria to become famous in tourist's eye. sandy beaches, coastal resorts, beautiful mountains attract tourists most.

Why select Bulgaria for study?
  • low living cost.
  • low tuition fees.
  • best atmosphere.
  • International reputed universities.
  • Better opportunities for higher study.
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