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About Us

Sunrise Education Consultants is one of the best student consultancy firm located in the heart of the capital of Bangladesh.

Our intention is to explore the educational challenges of the current global age. Bridging the gap between education differences between Bangladesh and developed countries and increasing collaboratively understanding between different cultures. At NEC, our goal is to provide the highest standard of academic instruction at the most reasonable prices. Overall, it will have brought us the best education consultancy firm in Bangladesh.

The mission of Sunrise Education Consultancy is to create a learning environment. It will support the student's personal development and qualify them to achieve the necessary English Language knowledge. Sunrise Student Consultancy provides efficient guidance for studying abroad that enable students to construct active and successful professional career. This types of dedication will be becoming the best education consultant in Bangladesh.

Sunrise Education Consultant is a none stop solution for all your English learners. We ensure isolated and personalized attention and a firm basis. Sunrise Student Consultancy builds the knowledge of students in the English language step by step, guiding in the highest possible environment. Sunrise teaches students with innovative methods, common language functions as well as provides some practicing session that stimulates the interest of students. We focus on the ability to use language effectively and properly deliver in communication and conversation. Our core understanding area has led to the successful development and administration of various courses in English language and communication. Overall students are gotten these opportunities that why they can develop their skill that brings us the best foreign education consultancy in Bangladesh.

We are one of the leading and best study abroad agency in Bangladesh, setting students into Universities/Colleges all around the world. We work intimately with students and institutions to ensure that students can receive the best and proper guidance. Our aim is to ensure that every student gets appropriate advice and this together with our widespread knowledge of Universities/Colleges and our excellent relationship with them. That means we always acquire optimum placement for our students.

Furthermore, we have a fascinating majesty for supporting skilled individuals, families and business people to emigrate from Bangladesh to Germany, Italy, Norway, Romania, and Turkey. For your protection, all our specific immigration advice is provided to you exclusively in writing. We can manage the entire application process for you whether you are attempting to find professional assistance with residence visa processing, business migration, job search, official qualification and trades recognition or resettlement services. We also operate visitor visas. It can be clearly measured that Sunrise Education Consultants is the best immigration consultancy firm in Dhaka city.

Our reputation is of great importance to us. We are very proud of the testimonials. We have received from previous clients, many of whom return to us for further services.

Over the years, we are succeeding and we look forward to more successes in current years. We invite you to join us so that you may share in our amazing experience. If you do not find the information you are seeking for on this Website, call personally or telephone/e-mail our friendly staff who will help you.

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