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Study in Australia with Scholarship


Discover why studying in Australia from Bangladesh is a top choice for ambitious students. Australia is a land of dreams among millions of foreign students and that’s because this is the third most popular study destination next to the US and the UK. There are plenty of things to see and do in Australia. And therefore, people from around the world come here to lead a standard living while students choose this beautiful country to have an outstanding career. Read on to understand why students choose Australia for their higher education-


World class education


Australian education system is designed to deliver the students full of practical knowledge in combination of theory. As a result, Australian universities are recognized as best institutions especially for vocational and technical education. A graduate whether from Australian college or university is always on top choice to the employers worldwide.

Impressive International Reputation

Australian degrees have impressive international reputation and thus graduates from Australian institutes are warmly welcomed everywhere. More than 8 Australian universities have placed
among global top 100 universities- enough to understand how impressive the higher education curriculum is.

Tuition Fees and Cost of living

It is true that the tuition fees and cost of living in Australia is highly expensive. But comparing with the academic excellence of US and UK education, it is actually cheaper in Australia. Similarly, while leading a standard living in UK and USA requires a large amount of money, the same standard can be led in Australia with comparatively lower cost.

Diverse Culture and diverse field of study

Australia is a multicultural society and the same is true for university campus as well. Each year, thousands of students from more than 100 countries come here to earn their bachelors, Masters, PhD and get professional training on a variety of fields. You will have wider opportunity to choose your desired program and subjects among hundreds of options. It is generally said that if you want to enjoy your life learn from diverse culture and if you want to build an outstanding career earn degree from Australia. Studying in Australia therefore you will not only have your dream career but will carry lifelong memories.

Beautiful country

Australia is not only popular destination for international student but also for tourists. Every year, millions of tourists visit this beautiful country to enjoy its beauties. There are hundreds of
tourist spots over Australia attracting tourists from around the world. Among many, Sydney’s opera house and Great Barrier Reaf are the landmark of Australia. Besides that, you can enjoy lush rain forest in the southern area while vast dry deserts in Northern area will make you to feel a pure stranger for a while. In addition, if you love silence Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park could be your best option while if you love crowd place, the busy streets of Sydney will serve you with thousands of friendly people within very short time. More importantly, you will never feel that you are hundreds miles away from home rather you will feel like home.

Strong in Global research

Australia has a long tradition for global research and up to now it holds its reputation in research and innovation. Students studying in Australia are benefited from two sides. At first, they find some of the best scholars as their class teachers or supervisors. Additionally, graduate students are given the best platform to do research and innovation that has previously been made by Australian scholars. This innovative country is a proud contributor and credited for several outstanding discoveries e.g., Penicillin, IVF and wi-fi.

Wider work opportunity

International students are allowed to work for 40 hours per fortnight during their study period. But during vacation these hours are more than doubled since immigration have no objection to
work more during that time. However, generally, students are paid on hourly basis ranging from 15 to 20 dollars. Therefore, working for 80 hours per month means your earning reaches to
around 1500 dollars. On the other side, to cover monthly living expense, you will need around 600 to 700 dollars. In fine, even you work for limited hours, the earnings are sufficient to meet
your monthly demand easily. A frequently asked question is how easy is to get part-time jobs in Australia. From the students’ anecdotes, several companies have grown over the past years
which mainly depend on more workers for limited hours. That means the opportunity to do part-time jobs is wider for international students.

English language Development

English is the official language in Australia that means you will feel comfort during the study period. This is also one of the partner countries of IELTS, the worlds’ most popular English language test. Studying in Australia, you will surely become the master of English language within very short time due to having native speakers in your daily life activities.

Become Permanent Resident

It is frequently said that Australia is the home of immigrants. Each year, thousands of foreigners get permission to live permanently in Australia. International students are not out of that list. In fact, students get the best opportunity. Because, there are hundreds of listed professions which are verily needed to develop the economy of Australia. If you plan on studying and living permanently in Australia, it is suggested to gather proper information about which subjects could be listed profession in the coming future. However, after becoming a graduate from Australian university, if you find jobs in the respective fields you will be qualified to apply for permanent residence without a doubt.


Why Study in Australia

Australia is a multicultural vibrant country where, YOU, as a student will find and meet energetic and friendly people. Living in such a safe and friendly society, YOU will surely discover your potentials and learn the secret of standard living. Studying in Australian institutions is a great opportunity for students since they deliver a practical and career-oriented education. Therefore, being a graduate, YOU will be more confident about the skills you have and able to meet the demand of the employers. Most importantly, while the UK and the US grants work permit to its international graduates for only a few professions, Australia offer and grant work permits in multiple professions ranging from law and agriculture to chefs and aeronautics. In fine, Australia offers the best opportunity to work in your discipline like no other countries. More importantly, living in Australia YOU will more likely to be the master of English language as it is the official language there.

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