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Study in Canada with Scholarship


Canada is the home to the world's’ most beautiful waterfalls. Every academic year, this beautiful country hosts more than hundred thousands of international students. The number of students is ever-increasing and therefore it’s becoming the world's’ most attractive study-destination in the world. To know why such a large number of international students are choosing Canada for their higher education, Read on-


Why Study in Canada 


Canada is the second-best country in the world in terms of good governance for its people including immigrants and students. Students always dream for Canada to study in for several reasons. First of all, including more than 30 universities among the top most world-ranked universities, all the other universities also offer applied quality education to meet the demand of local and global industries. Therefore, almost all graduates from Canadian universities find jobs within six months because of its small population with huge resources. Besides that, holding a Canadian degree YOU can also apply for permanent residence and become Canadian citizen subsequently. Moreover, YOU will be exciting to experience the stunning diversity in its landscape that includes Niagara Falls, breathtaking coastlines, prairies and scenic Rocky Mountains. However, Canada is exceptionally cold in winter though YOU will find the Canadians as warm people and your study period will definitely be red-hot.


Live in a Safe and Peace-loving Nation


Canadians are peace-loving nation where international students feel safer and enjoy their study period. Crime rate in Canada is much lesser than the USA, UK and many other developed countries in Europe. Additionally, Government runs special security service in order to ensure the safety of local and international students in university campuses. Moreover, universities and colleges have unique campus security service for 24/7.


Experience Bilingual Environment


Canada is the worlds’ most popular bilingual country practicing mainly English and French. International students therefore will have great opportunity to develop their language skills. It is widely recognized the dominating power of English and French language over other languages. Both languages hold an excellent reputation in corporate fields and in international organizations. For example, besides English, French is the official language of United Nations. Studying in Canada, you will not only become a graduate but become an expert of two appealing languages also.


Excellent Quality of Life


Canada has been declared by the UN as the world’s best residential place for the past 10 years where people enjoy the excellent quality of life. The standard living in Canada covers not only the long life expectancy and low crime rate it also indicates the academic excellence in its higher education system. Additionally, Toronto and Ontario are well-known as the best cities for international students. However, though you will enjoy the highest standard of living, the cost of living is comparatively lower here than the USA, UK, and Australia.


World Class Education


Canadian higher education system holds academic excellence over the centuries and thus has an international impression of its degree in global job market. More than 20 Canadian universities rank among the top global 500 universities. The University of Toronto, British Columbia and McGill University are notably popular for their academic excellence. Keep in mind, holding a degree from any Canadian university will place you among the top list to the employers.


Available Part-time jobs


International students are allowed to work 20 hours weekly during their study. Though a large number of students come here to study in Canada, it is not hard to find part-time jobs due to the available opportunity in a variety number of fields. To be noted, a frequently asked question is whether it is possible to cover the monthly living expenses doing part-time jobs. The answer comes with a big Yes! Because if you work for 80 hours monthly, you will be paid well above $1000 while around $600 is sufficient to meet your monthly demand. However, over the last three consecutive years, the minimum wage in Canada is increasing and now it is $11.35 per hour though it is going to further rise to $13.85 from June 2019. On top of that, doing part-time you will gain experience that will definitely keep you one step further while searching for full-time job after graduate.


Work After Graduate


After completing the degree, international students are given opportunity to work for up to three years depending on their program duration. Besides that, many programs offer students to do internships that’s a great scope to boost their career even it is unpaid. Because, an internship with Canadian industry will deliver you hands on experience that will surely place you among the best competitor for International job market.


Become the Master of English and French Language


Studying in Canada will also help you learn the worlds’ most spoken language fluently. Since, you will live in an environment of English language you will slowly but surely will turn into like a native English speaker. The notable cities of English language are among many Toronto, British Columbia, etc. Additionally, if you live in a city like Montreal or New Brunswick where mostly French language is spoken, you will become the master of French language. In fine, it’s a great opportunity to develop the two most dominating languages living in a single country.


Explore Country’s Natural Beauty


Canada is the home to hundreds of amazing places of natural beauties which can be explored over four distinct seasons. It is true that winter is harsh in Canada but it is also true that this season offers plenty opportunities for travelers especially who love skiing and ice skating. Each year, a large number of tourists from different countries visit Canada to enjoy the charming of its beauties. Though many of you know Canada only for Niagra Falls in Ontario there are a lot of most scenic places in different cities throughout the country. Among many, the Prince Edward Island and its beaches, fascinating Rockies and Lake Louise in Alberta, Jasper National Park, Whistler Mountains etc. are the few that attract international tourist. Simply saying, it’s an endless source of natural beauties ranging from the sea to mountains, prairies and dark forests. Being an international student you will enjoy all of the breathtaking beauties at freebie!


Become Permanent Resident


Canada offers permanent residence to its international graduates. Though the door is open for the immigrants from all over the world, students studying in Canadian University or college will get wider opportunity. Firstly, getting a Canadian degree, you will earn more than 30 points extra from the applicant having degree from any other country. Additionally, after completing degree, you will be given opportunity to work for the same duration you have studied in Canada and thus you will earn the points allocated especially for the applicants who work in Canada. That means, in the race of permanent resident in Canada, you have more chances to get it easily and within short period of time.


Requirements for IELTS


For Bachelor -IELTS- 5.5 (Without IELTS Conditional Apply)
For Master’s – IELTS -6.0 


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Required Documents for Admission


1. Copy of Passport
2. Photo
3. SSC, HSC & Bachelor Certificate & Transcript
4. IELTS Certificate (if have)
5. Medium of Instruction Certificate (for Masters)
6. Two Recommendation Letter (for Masters)
7. Motivation Latter (.docx file)
8. CV (.docx file)


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