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Counselling and VISA processing

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Sunrise visa agency in Bangladesh works for the service of ‘Visa Assistance’ or in another words ‘Visa Processing Service’. When a student comes to the stage to face the embassy for visa process or visa pas, Sunrise helps to support that student from all kinds of angle.


Teaching, Briefing, Mock Test, etc are the supports from Sunrise.


Briefing: Sunrise as the visa agency in Bangladesh firstly briefs the detail scenario of the visa board so that students can feel the environment of the reality.


Teaching: Sunrise employed teachers for teaching the students so that they can be confident to face the visa interview board and successfully manage the visa.


Mock Test: Sunrise also arranges the mock tests for the student in a real environments. This is how students could be confident about the real exam.


Sunrise student visa processing agency in Bangladesh always works for the country and works for developing the students so that entire Bangladesh will be developed very recent future.


There could be many questions from the keen students about visa processing like:


1. New Zealand student visa processing time after interview 2. New Zealand student visa processing time after approval 3. Visa processing times USA 4. Visa processing times Canada


Sunrise also provides the services as mentioned below to keep it's status in a standard position.


1. Student Assessment
2. Guideline/ Counseling
3. Manage Scholarships
4. Admission
5. Guideline to Visa Process
6. Finance Assistance
7. Travel Assistance
8. Pre-Departure Orientation

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