The Netherlands is a low-lying European country. It situated before Germany beside Belgium and it has a long coastline with the North Sea. Many parts of the Netherlands are protected from flooding by dykes and sea walls. The Netherlands is smaller than West Virginia but larger than the state of Maryland. Most people who lived in Netherlands they speak English to a very high standard and many courses are offered in the English language

Tuition fees in the Netherlands are 1,000-1,700 euros (per year) for students. The cost of living in the Netherlands is not higher than Western Europe. The living cost is fairly average. It has well-connected train lines and student get forty percent discounts for his journey. For that cause, you really do not need a car in the Netherlands. Other Hand you are more likely to need a bicycle .In this country has an extensive network of cycle paths and that are a famously popular.

The Netherlands is philosophy, a historical hub for art and scientific research, and has been for centuries. While studying there, you'll be able to visit so many places like the largest collection of Vincent van Gogh paintings in the world, the Anne Frank house and the Hague, the Keukenh of gardens, the famous ‘judicial capital of the world’.

In close neighborhood to some of Europe's best travel destinations, the Netherlands is a great place to study if you love to analyze.With the train connections to Paris and Brussels and short-distance flights to Madrid, London and Rome. If you want to visit surrounding countries you can do it within just a few hours.

Now a day creative industry is growing in the Netherlands, so it's also great for musicians, aspiring, designers and film students. The gaming industry is one of the areas growing most quickly in this time There is no measuring method for applying to Dutch universities. Contact expected universities in advance to determine the application method. Most students in the Netherlands do not live on campus. As rooms can be limited and costly. Non-EU students will more need health insurance, which can also be recommended at this time.

The following reasons will be convinced that the Netherlands is your perfect destination for study
  • 1. A multicultural and international environment
  • Low study costs
  • Innovative teaching methods
  • Living expenses is not so high
  • A wide range of degrees taught in English
  • Excellent opportunities for travel
  • Internationally recognized degrees
  • Economy growth
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